A rare World timepiece , Pendule Cosmographique Mouret ca. 1885

Globe adopte par le conseil de l'universite, Maison Delamarche rue de Serpente 25, Paris. A 8 inch (20.3) diameter terrestrial globe, made up of twelve coloured printed paper gores, the oceans showing warm and cold currents, the continents with mountain ranges shown, national boundaries outlined in red and orange, the continents delicately coloured, the globe is mounted on its axis over the clockwork geared mechanism, supporting the transparent horizontal calendar ring, with scroll supports for the not engraved meridian circle and calendar pointer, the complex geared mechanism with timepiece mounted on a baseplate with embossed label Pendule Cosmographique MOURET No. 51 Brevete S.G.D.G. and stamped J.Poncelet FABt. Mourez. du Jura, the timepiece with enamel dial, Roman numerals, and blued steel hands mounted  56 cm high.